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MacDonald’s is the leading global retailer chain in the world of catering with over 34,000 spots that serve around 69 million clients in 118 countries every day. This company is committed to high quality products, innovation and sustainable development.
KFC is an American café and catering chain that specializes in chicken dishes. The KFC menu is based on two flavors: «11 spices and herbs» and «Hot and Spicy». The menu mostly focuses on the special recipes of dishes that are cooked with chicken.
Kroshka-Kartoshka (Little Potato) is a Russian chain of fast food cafes, which specializes in Russian cuisine. One-piece large potato baked in a foil is filled with various salads is worth trying! There is also a choice of soups, dumplings and drinks.
Il Patio is a chain of affordable restaurants serving Italian cuisine with a wide menu. «IL Patio» mostly has a large number of meat dishes, seafood and vegetables. Attentive service and cozy atmosphere of IL Patio are combined with the affordable prices. That is why the «IL Patio» restaurant is a great place to spend time with your family, friends, colleagues and children.
Another chain of restaurants is called “Sushi Planet” and offers the dishes of Japanese cuisine cooked with the unique recipes together with a modern design and the newest technologies.
"Пельмени&Pelmeni" - chain of affordable fast food restaurants. You can try the homemade soups, salads, ravioli, meatballs and pasties handmade. There are set meals.

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